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What is Your Calling?
“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.” John 15:16 Everyone is called by God in a general sense to love him and have a relationship with him. But what about your particular calling? What has God called you to do specifically, using your God-given passions and gifts? In January, the entire Edify team traveled to Ghana for… Read more »
5 Reasons for the Global Education Crisis
  It has been proven that education is a pathway out of poverty, however the current state of global education reveals just how narrow and inaccessible this pathway is, especially to the world’s poorest populations. Millions of children in developing nations will never have the opportunity to even step into a classroom. See the challenge here specific to Sub-Saharan Africa. To complicate the matter further, attending school is not always… Read more »
The Gift of Reliable Education: How Low-fee Independent Schools Benefit Their Communities
It's easy to take education for granted. Growing up in the United States, I never had to worry that my teacher wouldn’t show up for class. I just assumed that they would arrive on time, that they would be prepared to teach, and that they would have plenty of training. I grew up in a country where the public school system is, above anything else, reliable. It was… Read more »
Five Practical Tips for Your Next Short-Term Missions Trip
As we at Edify are preparing to take teams to the field this summer we have been reflecting on what has made our past trips successful. I believe that short-term mission trips can be effective and I want you to have the best possible experience.  I hope these tips encourage you and have an impact on the quality of your future experiences. 1) It is all about relationship. Transformation… Read more »
A Test to Move Forward
Pursuing a dream takes courage and perseverance. The wonderful school proprietors Edify works with understand this. They understand that falling down and encountering bumps along the way test the heart. When adversity comes, most of us are tempted to give up, to question our ability and wonder if we can ever get back to that place of initial excitement when beginning the project. But, if we find something… Read more »
Ebola: Responding Together
In Hebrew culture, there is a beautiful practice of sitting shiva. When someone passes in a family, friends can gather to mourn alongside each other. They sit with the family in their grief. Somehow a grief that feels too big lightens when someone is by your side. There is also a concept within Hebrew tradition of creating shalom: a state of harmony, of health, of completeness, of… Read more »
3 Reasons Those in Poverty will Choose to Pay for a Quality Education
Many who join us on an Edify field experience ask us: “Why would those in poverty pay for school vs. attending a free public school?” It is a great question and one that I also asked during my first encounter with low-fee private schools. In 2014, Endeva, an International Development organization out of Berlin, Germany that… Read more »
Celebrating Education Entrepreneurship | Economist Article
The August 1st cover story of The Economist was titled "Learning Unleashed: Private education in poor countries takes off” and addressed the issue of poor-quality public school education and the rising trend of private sector educational solutions in the developing world. This has been Edify’s core belief that has motivated us into action. When Edify launched its operations in 2009, the concept of low-fee, independent (private) schools as a… Read more »
Introduction to Edify Reflections
Introduction to Edify Reflections “The Poor.”   What thoughts come to your mind? I remember the first time I gave this any real thought. My wife and I had just committed the next four years to Sub-Saharan Africa. After moving there, I found myself in a world completely and utterly different than anything I had experienced before. For instance, it was midweek and children were everywhere…beautiful children filled with joy.… Read more »
Stories that Inspire: We invite you to meet to My First Words School and the proprietress Magda Rosario
edify WELCOME to our series: “Stories that Inspire”.  We would like to introduce you to Magda Rosario, proprietress-director of “My First Words” School (Colegio Mis primeras Palabras) in the Dominican Republic. The School My First Words” School is located in  Boca Chica Dominican Republic, a town known to many Europeans and Americans as a beach town but to locals is a place where they raise their children, work and recreate. The school was founded by Magda Rosario in 2006. This little teaches only… Read more »