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Edify is on the Move!
edify   Edify is on the move! This summer Edify began pilot projects in two new countries in Africa: Liberia and Burkina Faso!  We are so grateful for our partners in Liberia and Burkina Faso who have blessed us with enthusiasm and local expertise to help expand and improve Christ-centered low-fee schools.  Here’s a quick snapshot of our progress to date in Liberia. Liberia ranks as one of the poorest countries… Read more »
Is Your Student A Christian?
edify I was so encouraged and challenged when I read this post on the Gospel Coalition blog from Brian Croft, entitled, "Is Your Child a Christian?" I highly recommend reading the entire post.  In summary Pastor Croft states,"Admitting the obvious—that we are not God and cannot see the heart—I maintain certain evidence can help us discern the legitimacy of a child or teenager's profession of faith" and he offers the following five evidences for consideration: 1. Growing affection and need for Jesus and the… Read more »
Fear and Self-esteem
edify I think fear might be the source of true “self-esteem” for children.  It’s a counter-intuitive idea, for sure and maybe a little counter-cultural as well. Schools in the developing world, as well as the ones in my neighborhood, have adopted in various ways notions of child development that find their basis in psychology.  Many of these concepts are helpful as we consider ways to address children’s needs in a developmentally appropriate way. … Read more »
Moved by Compassion
edify Recently I have caught myself using a new term: the authentic Christian school.  The more I use the term the more I am beginning to ask the question, what is distinctive about an authentic Christian school? Many in Christian education are using the same qualifiers to describe a vision for Christ-centered education that has not yet been fully realized.  Here is one perspective from the Association of Christian Schools International that captures this idea.  Among religious schools there are… Read more »
A fresh perspective from someone who knows best
edify So many schools had scripture prominently displayed and earnestly applied "Mothers always know best," so goes the old cliche.  There is a lot of truth in old cliches.  This fresh perspective on schools that Edify serves in the Dominican Republic comes from someone who has visited ministries of all kinds in Rwanda, Ecuador and the US, and who spent… Read more »
Technology isn’t a Silver Bullet but…
edify Improving academic quality is hard work but we’re committed to making gains through teacher training and technology. We’ve been making slow but steady progress with our use of Teachermate in Ghana and Rwanda to improve literacy skills.  In Rwanda, we’ve been using iPods to deliver Teachermate over the course of two academic terms.  Early results are really encouraging.  In Ghana, we’ve been working with two schools for one academic term.  When we initiated pre-testing with the students in Ghana, 90% of… Read more »
Are great teachers shepherds or scholars?
edify What makes a great teacher? What makes a great Christian teacher?  What makes a great Christian teacher at an affordable private school in the developing world?  With each question, the available answers from research get murkier and murkier. Some background: in the US, parents are being presented with an ever-increasing range of choices for their children’s education.  In fact, according to the National Center on Education Statistics, enrollment in religious schools including Protestant ones has declined in recent years.  The decline… Read more »
When Mobile Devices and Classrooms Collide in Africa
edify A Video Post in Adventures in Sustaining Academic Improvement - Part 3 I believe it was Hannibal of A-Team fame who said, "I love it when a plan comes together." Amen, brother but then again it was Solomon who said in Proverbs, "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." This summer we have been making lots of plans for the coming academic year in the developing world and we are so… Read more »
What can Khan Academy in Ghana teach us in five days?
edify In Part 2 of our series on our adventures in sustaining academic improvement with technology, I caught up with Laura Hetzel to hear about her recent project working with our schools in Ghana. Laura recently completed her MBA from the University of San Diego and she spent three months in Ghana this spring working on a host of research projects looking at operations and academics at our schools.  The coolest thing about… Read more »
Loans for Labs – Part 1 in an adventure in sustaining academic improvement
edify Across the developing world, students are clamoring for access to technology.  Despite high profile projects targeting to upend traditional schooling in the developing world (One Lap Top Per Child and Hole in the Wall), the use of computers for the vast majority of students is non-existent or confined to an “ICT” curriculum.  ICT's primary emphasis is basic computer literacy – ie What is a mouse? Computers are not used as a tool for learning and hundreds… Read more »