Rewriting My Story: His Plan Prevails

Each month a member of the Edify Team from around the globe will be reflecting on how God transforms our lives when we choose to follow Him. This month, Alejandro Martinez, Guatemala’s Christian Transformation and Training Officer, discusses how God is rewriting his story as he chooses to follow Him.

His Plan Prevails

One day, I was sitting in my office and I thought about what I had done for the Kingdom of God. It had surprised me that, until that moment, I had only been aware of my personal and academic goals. My relationship with God was growing more distant each day.

I went to church with my mother from a very young age, but as I grew older, I left my relationship with the church and with God. However, I know it is God who pursues us even when we fall away.

What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost? Matthew 18:12

In spite of my stressed and busy life, His unconditional love attracted me day by day. However, my goals were centered around my career and job discipline; even my family was in third place. I aimed to reach the highest position in the organization in which I worked at that time and I went from course to course to prepare myself. Then one day I heard a preacher say, “If you died today what would you say to the Lord if He asked you if you supported the great commission?” (Matthew 28:19). At that moment I asked myself, “What am I doing for my Lord?”

Through different opportunities, I had discovered one of my passions to be teaching. I had been teaching at the college where I graduated and as I began to read the Bible again, I included a few verses into my teaching. I began to notice how my students were paying more attention when I aligned the Bible to the everyday situations of life. I taught on the basis of some of the Proverbs and in each class, my students said they felt different from my teaching. Later, I also began to work with some organizations developing executive trainings using the Bible as a complement to develop the training for Human Resources and staff.

My life plans began to shift as I was invited to more churches rather than organizations for trainings and speaking engagements. I was preaching two or three times a week in different churches. Around that time, ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) invited me to develop trainings with them, which is where I met the Country Director for Edify-Guatemala. She invited me to develop a leadership training for school leaders and teachers and later I was asked to join the Edify team as Christian Transformation and Training Officer in Guatemala.

I believe that each one of us has a vision specified by God, and that sooner or later we must embrace it. Although, we often do not understand at that moment what our purpose in life is, His purpose will prevail over our plans. I recognize that the Lord has prepared me and given me a passion for teaching to support and develop the children of Guatemala and to enlarge their vision to see that they are the future of our beautiful country. Now that I serve Him through my work on the Edify team, I clearly understand what His Word says:

Many are the plans in the mind of man, but my purpose  will prevail over everything.

Proverbs 19:21 

About the Author:

Alejandro Martinez joined the Edify team in February 2017 as the Christian Transformation and Training Officer in Guatemala. Prior to this, he was manager of Human Resources and executive trainer at a financial institution. Currently, he teaches ​​Psychology at two universities in the country.

Alejandro has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has Master’s degree in Organizational Development, a Master’s degree in Mental and Occupational Health, and a Certification in Multi-dimensional Coaching. He has worked in education and training for 13 years with community and church leaders and other organizations.


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