Rwanda is the most densely populated

country in Africa. However, it is a completely landlocked, resource-poor country with 70% of the population working in subsistence farming.

73.2% Male & 68% Female

Literacy rate.  Total population: 71%


population below poverty line.
63% below the extreme poverty line (<$1.25/day)


primary school completion rate

Still rebuilding

from the horrific 1994 genocide, Rwanda’s government is relying on 30-40% of its budget to come from foreign aid.


National Data from National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Education


Edify began operations in 2011.

We have impacted 40,186 students with a Christ-centered education.


School leaders trained: 536  |  Teachers trained: 546


72 loans disbursed to 55 schools  |  Total loan capital (USD): $1,071,234


Total Schools Impacted

*Cumulative impact of March 31, 2017


Godfrey LugoloobiRwanda Program Director

Godfrey Lugoloobi, joined Edify in August 2013. His role is to develop and oversee Christian transformation initiatives and to manage the Cornerstone Leadership program in Rwanda.

Prior to joining Edify, Godfrey served as a mentor, leadership coach and English teacher at Cornerstone Leadership Academy for five years. He is a part of Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF), a movement that forms the youth wing of the prayer breakfast movement in Eastern Africa. He was the country coordinator for AYLF Rwanda-chapter and has helped organize leadership seminars in different Universities across East Africa.

Godfrey has a BSc. in Electronics and Telecommunication (with honors) from the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. He is passionate about developing leaders and motivating others to reach their potential.

Chris MulisaProgram and Transformation Associate

Chris Mulisa is an alumnus of the Cornerstone Leadership Academy – Rwanda. He served in Burundi for 5 years as a mentor where he lived at a mentoring house for youth helping them in their walk with the Lord and to develop their leadership abilities.

Chris also worked to nationally coordinate the activities of Africa Youth Leadership Forum Burundi chapter – a youth movement operating in East and Central Africa focusing on youth leadership development in Universities. He volunteered to serve on the organizing committee of the Burundi National Prayer Breakfast. Chris has served with Edify as a mentor before he took on this new role.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and can speak 7+ languages including French, English, Swahili, and other local languages.

Yvonne MazziFinancial Sustainability Officer

Yvonne Mazzi joined Edify in 2015 on a part time basis and full time in 2016. She implements the QuickBooks Accounting software in schools, ensuring that partner schools in Rwanda have healthy financial systems.

Prior to joining Edify, Yvonne worked as a certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor training and certifying accountants in QuickBooks as well as supporting companies using the software in Rwanda from 2013-2015.

She has a bachelors degree in International Relations and French and is a certified public accountant. She has been working in the financial sector since 2010.

Broad AgabaMonitoring and Evaluation Officer

Broad Agaba joined Edify in 2014 part-time and full time in 2017. He is responsible for overall monitoring and evaluation of the Edify Rwanda programs.

Prior to joining Edify, Broad worked as  Head of Mentoring and Leadership Development at Sonrise Schools in Rwanda, as a Business Development Officer with Goodneighbor Consult, and an Exams Officer and Administrator of Academic Affairs at Jomo Kenyatta University Kigali Campus.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Law from Makerere University and is studying for his Master of Science degree in Monitoring and Evaluation at Jomo Kenyattta University. He serves as a Christian Leader in one of the local churches in Rwanda.