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A Closer Look at AMO: Establishing a Christian Foundation

A Closer Look at AMO: Christian View of Children

In the first post of this series I touched on the importance of establishing a Christian foundation in our lives as individuals and also in education. In the second post of this series I talked about how the Bible teaches us to view children and how that should shape the way we love and educate them. These are two of the many things which distinguish AMO from other Christian curricula. It is not the only good option out there; there are other trainings and bible curricula that we use and proudly endorse, but AMO’s dedication to holistic transformation (a complete renewal of the mind and worldview) is unparalleled and something we admire.

One of the things I appreciate most about AMO is that it is far from simple. Dr. Elizabeth Youmans has developed the curricula and training with holistic transformation in mind, which does not occur simply or easily, but is a process that requires time, energy and divine intervention. AMO is a program that teaches the importance of re-engineering the way we think and see the world. It is one thing to offer a great curriculum, but another thing to also offer a training geared towards reconstructing a Christian worldview in educators. From what we’ve seen in the DR, AMO is the most comprehensive option for Christian training and curricula because they are equally committed to changing the heart of the teacher as they are to the heart of the student. Because of this, Edify has been compelled to promote and share AMO with schools we work with. We understand that we must use and develop the skills we’ve been given to make the most of the work we’ve been entrusted to do. One way we are doing that is by continuing to work with the AMO program; prayerful that God will continue the good work he has begun in us and in the schools we work with.

To learn more about AMO you can visit their website or to learn more about Edify’s work with AMO you can read a previous blog post here: AMO Update