Over the next few months, our staff will be sharing their heart and “reflections” on the Edify core values and why they are so important to us. Last month, Bettina Gomez Garcia, Program Director in Peru, shared her reflection on Edify’s Core Value: Applauding the Entrepreneurial Spirit and how it leads to a transformed generation. This month, Godfrey Lugoloobi, Rwanda’s Country Director, discusses the Edify Core Value: Commitment to Prayer.

We are called to pray without ceasing as it is written in 1 Thessalonians 5:17-“Pray continually”. As I wake up every day, I am reminded of the power that lies in the simple prayer of a believer. I am reminded of the sacrifices that proprietors, my fellow Edify staff, teachers, donors and other stakeholders make to advance the great commission and am moved to cover them in prayer.

At Edify, we pray about everything. The majority of our meetings start and end with prayer. As we visit the schools, we understand that we need God to be with us. We are only vessels that the Lord uses to serve others. Ensuring that we go to the schools with God is a necessity.

Janet, a school leader at one of Edify’s partner schools in Rwanda invites me to meet and pray with her saying, “Godfrey, you need to come visit us. We need to talk and pray through a couple of items.”

This exchange with Janet is common between Edify and the schools we work with. Whether we are in the field interacting with schools or coming alongside lending partners or training partners, prayer is integral to our work and encouraged in all we do.

Corporately, Edify provides us with a wonderful opportunity for the staff to pray together each week. We make time to live out the core value of Commitment to Prayer. We always look forward to Mondays when Edify staff from around the globe pray together on a conference line. There is beauty in hearing voices from different nations mentioning praises, giving thanks, and making requests to the King of Glory.  There is freedom to allow people to pray as the spirit leads them.

We pray collectively and individually and Edify takes this value so seriously that staff are  encouraged to dedicate an entire working day each month to prayer. Our prayers cover our partner schools, the students we impact, our lending and training partners, our supporters, our co-workers and our world. It is encouraging and edifying to commit all that we do to prayer.

Through prayer, we are confident that the Lord hears us and is with us today and for the times ahead.

Please join me today in praying for the good work that God is doing through us to help impact children and communities across the globe!

May God help us stay committed to prayer; Amen!

Godfrey Lugoloobi
Country Director, Rwanda

About the Author

Godfrey Lugoloobi, joined Edify in August 2013. His role is to develop and oversee the Edify Rwanda programs and to manage the Cornerstone Leadership program in Rwanda. Prior to joining Edify, Godfrey served as a mentor, leadership coach and English teacher at Cornerstone Leadership Academy for five years and Bridge2Rwanda for 2 years. He is a part of Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF), a movement that forms the youth wing of the prayer breakfast movement in Eastern Africa. He was the country coordinator for AYLF Rwanda-chapter and has helped organize leadership seminars in different Universities across East Africa. He serves on two boards; Acts4Rwanda and Aspire Debate Organization.

Godfrey has an MBA from Colorado Christian University and BSc. in Electronics and Telecommunication with honors from the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. He is passionate about developing leaders and motivating others to reach their potential.