Muhumilize Catch-Up School
Pastor Theoneste Biseruka is more than just the spiritual leader of his church congregation.  He is a father for those without, a provider of food for those with none, and a second chance for those that have been left behind.

Pastor Theo, as those close to him affectionately refer to him as, never set out to start a school.  As he put, “I was OK growing old, doing what I was doing.”  But after so many visits from the Rwanda National Police asking for his help with the street children, he felt compelled to help these children get back on the right track.  So it was with little money and the help of God that he now finds himself three years into the position as Head Master and owner of Muhumilize Catch-Up School.

The catch-up school program is a unique education model that was created specifically with street children in mind.  The catch-up program is for students that have previously dropped out of school at some point during their primary school years.  It accelerates them through the primary level in three years, instead of the traditional six years.  The six grade levels in the Rwanda primary school system are combined in to 3 grade levels – combining Primary 1 and 2, Primary 3 and 4, Primary 5 and 6, ending with the Government National Exam.

Outside of the great education provided to the 250 students at Muhumilize for only $3 USD per month, Pastor Theo has also started a morning food program for the students. He is working hard to place the street children in homes.  So far, he has been able to find homes for 25 of his students.  When asked about the change he is affecting in these children’s lives, all he had to say is, “God provides, it is not me.”

Pastor Theo was one of the first schools that Edify partnered with in Rwanda.  When asked about the relationship between Edify and Muhumilize, in his words, “it is a true blessing that you are here in Rwanda.”  The blessing that Pastor Theo is to the children at Muhumilize is far greater than he will ever know.