This blog post doesn’t feature a specific partner school, program or a proprietor. It stars Rwanda and the INCREDIBLE progress this nation has made in the last 20 years. I would like to share with you some facts about where Rwanda was in 1994 and where they are now, the data really speaks volumes. Of course, no nation is without fault and there is still a way to go but the growth of the country is incredible and Rwanda is on the right track to becoming a middle class country- Praise the Lord!
In 1994

  • In about 100 days, almost 1 million people were murdered during the genocide against the Tutsis.
  • The nation’s infrastructure was devastated. Schools, hospitals, roads were completely destroyed.
  • Over 1 million refugees fled, many of whom were highly skilled and educated leaving behind an enormous lack of professionals.
  • Virtually  everyone present, had witnessed, been a victim or participated in acts of extreme violence. We can only begin to imagine the psychological trauma.

20 years later

  • Rwanda boats the highest primary school enrollment in all of Africa
  • Gender parity at primary level has been achieved, with girls’ net enrolment rate of 98 per cent, which is higher than for boys (95%). (Unicef)
  • Child mortality has dropped by two-thirds since 2000.
  • Since 1995, life expectancy has doubled
  • The percentage of children vaccinated in Rwanda in higher than in the United States,
  • 97% of pregnant teens meet a health practitioner before giving birth, and 83% deliver their babies with a health professional present.
  • H.I.V. infections (new) have fallen 60 percent.

* Stats pulled from April 7th, New York Times article titled Once a Nation of Death, Now a Symbol of Life available here: