Two years ago we had our first AMO training with Esperanza in La Romana. This July we were able to host our second AMO training in La Romana and were thrilled with the outcome. With more than 65 participants from partner schools we witnessed the enthusiasm of participants once again as they engaged in the weeklong training (to learn more about the AMO program read more HERE.)

Despite the gap between trainings, schools have been actively engaged in getting AMO up and running and have remained dedicated to the follow up services we offer. Measuring the impact of the AMO program in the lives of students, teachers, schools and communities is a multifaceted process, but one great indicator is the ownership we’ve seen the directors and teachers assume.  One director in is even considering working on our team as a follow-up representative in the Eastern region of the country. She has found AMO to be such an instrumental tool in her K-12 school that she desires to see it spread to as many schools in La Romana as possible.


As the summer winds down and the start of a new school year is just around the corner, we ask for your continued prayer for the schools we work with. We pray that God would use Edify, Esperanza and AMO to transform lives. We pray that whether it is through AMO or another Christ-centered curriculum, that directors and teachers would be effectively communicate and demonstrate the love of Christ to their students this year and that these children would grow up knowing, loving, and trusting in the Lord.