AMO is not only the Spanish word for “I love” but it is also an acronym for “feed my lambs” in the Romance languages; Apacienta Mis Ovejas in Spanish, or Apascenta Minhas Ovelhas in Portuges. You can read more about the AMO curriculum in this previous blog post or on the AMO website.

AMO mural in the classroom

I am excited to report that the first round of AMO classes within our network of schools has begun. We have two lending partners here in the Dominican Republic, Esperanza International and ASPIRE, and both hosted AMO teacher trainings this past summer. All together there were 85 teachers and directors trained from 35 different Christian schools. After the trainings, follow up meetings were held and materials were delivered to each school. Every student in an AMO class received a Bible and an AMO notebook and there are more than 1,300 Dominican students currently taking AMO classes as a result of those 3 trainings this summer. One great thing about the program is that school directors and teachers are able to take it and mold it to suit their needs, so some schools are teaching one AMO class, some are teaching three or more, and there are a variety of AMO classes being taught including Heidi, Proverbs, and The Timeline of Promise.

This week I was able to travel to 13 schools with Esperanza and an AMO educator, who has been serving as the follow-up contact person, to deliver class materials and review key elements of the curriculum. What a blessing to witness the passion of the directors and teachers in the schools! I was impressed to see the enthusiasm of the children as well during our review sessions. They are already demonstrating knowledge of the material which means the teachers have taken this program to heart and are implementing it well. The first classes began in late October so imagine the impact of AMO after a whole school year if we are already seeing the effects today!

Students answering questions in an AMO review session

There is one AMO training scheduled for this January and three more scheduled for this summer. We’d like to thank our faithful partners here in the DR who will be hosting these trainings. Both Esperanza and ASPIRE have been wonderful to work with and continue to play an imperative role in the work we are doing.

Cristen with the director of Colegio Los Pollitos


AMO follow-up session