Earlier this month I visited La Fontaine Elementary School. My purpose in being there was to follow-up with the school’s leadership team enrolled in Edify’s SALT (School Applied Leadership Training) program. I wanted to learn more about how implementation of their action plans (and the content they learned) was going and ask how we might be able to better support them as they get ready to start a new term.
I often try to time my school visits with recess so I have a chance to connect with the students for a few minutes before meeting with the school leadership or spending time in classrooms. As a former classroom teacher, I miss being with kids on a daily basis and I love this informal time. Fortunately, I arrived at La Fontaine and was greeted by a schoolyard packed with children at play.  Recess was in full swing. A few girls in P6 rushed over and gave me big hugs. They asked me how I was and what I was doing at their school today. I explained, in kid-friendly language, a little bit about Edify and how we had partnered with La Fontaine on a training program this year.  To my surprise, they knew about the training and were able to tell me one way it had impacted their school. The girls eagerly told me about how La Fontaine had used some of their ideas to define school-wide values. They had talked about it as a whole school and explained the significance.  Hard work, inclusiveness and equality were among the core values for La Fontaine.  Next, the girls next took me over to a classroom and proudly showed me that the values had been posted up on the wall in every classroom as a reminder.

It was a really special visit and exciting to see the results of training trickling down to the student level.