Students at recess eating their snack at Colegio Evangélico Efraín (Ephraim Christian School) in Santiago, a school dedicated to nourishing both body and soul. Edify has been working with Efraín since July 2012 when the director, Josefina, and 5 teachers attended the AMO training hosted by Esperanza. We have been providing follow-up visits to Efraín in an effort to support the implementation of AMO in their classrooms, which they have done with excellence. Through AMO they have greatly improved  the Christ-centered education they offer, now with a firm commitment to nurturing the heart of each student.

Efraín is now also walking alongside us as we plan the next training in Santiago. The director has offered her school for us to use to host upwards of 30 other Christian schools in the area for a breakfast later this month. There we will present the AMO program and extend an invitation to attend the training this summer. As we expand our loan and training programs we look forward to our continued relationship with Efraín and the many other schools we serve and will serve in Santiago.