Edify offers school owners access to lending capital so they can improve and expand their facilities. These improvements allow schools to influence a greater number of students with quality education and teachable skills that increase employability. By equipping those with the entrepreneurial spirit the tools and resources to succeed, we are sparking lasting transformation.


Loans to schools are generally made below market interest rates and are normally one to three years in duration. Upon repayment, the principal is returned to an account managed by Edify’s lending partner, who then is able to recycle loans to more schools.


Cumulative Loan Disbursement


Edify Capital

Loans to Schools




Dominican Republic






Burkina Faso


















*Cumulative total as of September 30, 2016


Edify works with locally-based financial institutions in each country who then lend directly to school owners and manage the loans. This eliminates challenges we could face lending to indigenous schools as an international organization and creates leverage as we partner with organizations already experienced in this area. We currently have partnerships with eleven microfinance organizations in our nine countries of operation.


       Learning Environment: by transforming learning environments from make-shift buildings to classroom blocks, students are more able to focus and learn, developing a better education.

       Health and Safety: as schools grow because of the great education they are providing to their communities, they often lack the necessary facilities to accommodate so many students. These schools are able to use loans to build bathrooms, handwashing stations and other infrastructure that contributes to the health and safety of each student.

       Transportation: a significant hindrance for students, especially girls, to getting to school is the lack of transportation between homes and schools. Many schools use loans to purchase a bus that is used to pick up students who live farther than walking distance, allowing more students to attend school, without the concern for safety.