I cannot deny how engrossed I was in organizing the first Christian Transformation Training in Koforidua, (the eastern region of Ghana), with our partner Compassion International. Yet, I could not hide my excitement of seeing this training take off. Surely the excitement and anxiety on the faces of the participating teachers was enough motivation for us, (the organizers), and Compassion, (the facilitators).

The first day was filled with activities. I was running around making sure everything was okay and everyone was fine, which is very typical with first days. In the midst of the pressure of coordinating affairs, I couldn’t ignore the excitements, contributions, activities and demonstrations that emanated from the training rooms.

The second day continued in similar fashion, but this time most of the activities were outdoor. It included hopping around, drawing with mud, and cutting of oranges and pears illustrating different aspects of the Christian curriculum in terms of being spiritual, physical, cognitive and socio-emotional.

Tomorrow marks the final day of the training and I am looking forward to it as the participating teachers are going to demonstrate different aspects of the curriculum by teaching their colleagues. The curriculum purchased by Edify as a teaching guide, was distributed to the participants to help them prepare their lesson. I look forward to seeing the participants teach with the curriculum tomorrow and also to gather their thoughts on the whole training and the impact they expect the Christian Transformation to bring in their lives and the lives of their students.

–        Godwin Fiagbor, Edify-Ghana.