As a public school teacher in the US, I was constantly trying to collaborate. Unfortunately, not every teacher believed that they could do their best work with others, and I often struggled to find like-minded people.  So it has been quite refreshing to work in a job this past year with Edify where the entire goal is to partner with like-minded people and individuals.  In this pursuit, I had the privilege to attend the week-long Association of Christian Schools (ACSI) Africa Roundtable conference.  This conference is only held every 5 years, and this was the second.  Needless to say, I was very excited to hop on a plane to South Africa to attend on behalf of Edify Rwanda.

What I didn’t realize before going, however, is the wealth of work being done all over the continent for Christian Education!  I met many champions for Christian Transformation.  I learned that low-cost private schools are popping up all over Africa, and we worked hard to develop a strategy for how to make Christian Education beacons of quality and transformative in nature.  Meeting in region groups, I met many amazing individuals and like-minded organizations like The Timothy Center in Uganda and The Joshua Center in Tanzania.  I now have invites to see the work being done in Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Burkina Faso, just to name a few.

One analogy that has stuck with me from the conference is that of a tree’s roots.  Christianity in Africa has shallow roots.  It is full of heart, but just beginning to take off.  The roots of Christianity in the West, however, are deep.  Because of the nature of this, we need one another!  The West needs Africa to renew its zeal, while Africa needs the West to help deepen its roots.