Pastor Denis, his daughter, his wife, Leslie, myself, Anna, Jeni (a family friend) and Kimberly

This summer my family, along with other families, went to the Dominican Republic for an Edify Family Experience. We worked alongside Pastor Wisly Denis and his family at his low-cost private, Christ-centered school. We ran a day camp for the students of the school while some of the parents of the students put down tile on the floor and painted the walls of the three classrooms that Pastor Denis was able to add through a loan provided by Edify and our local lending partner, Esperanza.

He is an amazing man! Being from Haiti himself, he serves many of the Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. Pastor Denis is an inspiring man who is giving his life away to advance the Kingdom. I wish you could have been with us this summer to meet him face-to-face because you would have certainly been blessed. I would love to share my friend, Pastor Denis, with you. Let me encourage you to invest five minutes to hear PastorDenis’ story.

After watching the video, please pray for Bethesda School as they start a new school year. There are no marching bands or football teams, but a lot of beautiful children getting a quality, Christ-centered education.