For the past 6 days, the Edify Rwanda team had the pleasure of hosting Tiger Dawson, Edify’s Managing Director, in our home. It was truly a time of spiritual encouragement and refreshment.
We visited four Edify schools together and discussed exciting new developments on the ground here in Rwanda. One of these developments we are particularly excited about is a strategic partnership with Compassion International. Edify will have access to Compassion’s curriculum for use in our schools. Tiger and I received a warm welcome from Compassion’s Country Director and his team when we met with them.

There is a lot of work yet to be done here in Rwanda and we are grateful to have such a talented team back in the US who is supporting us!

Tiger discussing school expansion plans with Alexis, proprietor of Mejecres (meaning “Hope for Children”) School. Mejecres has received a loan from Edify and has attended a Finance & Accounting workshop sponsored by Edify.