Pervasive poverty

Ethiopia remains one of the poorest countries in the world.


Population below poverty line (2014 estimate)


Unemployment (2013 estimate)

57.2% Male & 41.1% Female

Literacy rate. Total population: 49.1% (2015 estimate)

*Sources: CIA World Factbook


Edify began operations in 2015.

We have impacted 89,380 students with a Christ-centered education.


School leaders trained: 499  |  Teachers trained: 679


26 loans disbursed to 24 schools  |  Total loan capital (USD): $668,063


Total Schools Impacted


*Cumulative impact as of September 30, 2019


Yonatan Tekie,
Ethiopia Country Director

Yonatan has a Diploma from Bahir Dar Teachers College and a BA in Literature and History from Addis Ababa University. He is also an ordained youth pastor and served in this capacity until 2002 during which he started a ministry called Youth Impact together, whereby hundreds of young street kids and orphans were cared for and mentored.

In 2005, Yonatan and his wife started a school called Destiny Academy. Before joining Edify, Yonatan served as the General Manager of Destiny Academy.

Between 2005 and 2007, Yonatan served as a Country Representative for an organization called Inter-faith peace building Initiative. He has also been involved in leadership training for government officials, church leaders, business leaders and university students. Moreover, he has had several national and international conference speaking/training engagements. Yonatan has also been frequently invited to speak on TV and Radio.

Mihiret Tefera,
Christian Transformation and Training Officer

Mihiret joined Edify in October 2018. She coordinates Christian transformation activities with Edify partner schools in Ethiopia.

While at University, she was a facilitator of the evangelism team, mobilizing her peers to share the Gospel with their friends. She also led the University campus fellowship for three years. Mihiret finished several trainings for the Intranet Students of Compassion and different youth groups at churches and facilitated manuscript Bible studies with students from different countries.

Mihiret earned a BSc in civil engineering from Ethiopia Bahir Dar University in 2018. She graduated from the leadership certificate program from Compassion by completing the second level award in holistic development.