ippThis year, we have welcomed four new team members to the Edify staff in the Dominican Republic. They are working to deepen, expand and improve Edify’s relationships and impact in Christian schools. Our mission statement is coming alive—to improve and to expand SUSTAINABLE, AFFORDABLE, CHRIST-CENTERED education in the developing world!
Leandro Peguero joined our team in July as the Christian Transformation & Training Officer. He oversees training efforts and implementation of training principles. It is one thing to offer training on the integration of Biblical principals in your school or effective financial management of a school, yet it is entirely different to walk alongside schools, helping them to implement what they have learned and effectively improve their schools. This is the work Leandro does. He is exceptionally interpersonal and models Christ in his relationships with school proprietors, teachers and our local partners. Prior to Edify, Leandro spent eight years working as a Program Manager with Compassion International. He is an excellent cook and very active in his church community.

In November, we welcomed Denis Sabino Rosario as the School Financial Sustainability Officer. He is a Certified Public Accountant and carries valuable experience working with for-profit and non-profit institutions. Denis’ financial and accounting background is being put to great use working alongside schools to improve their financial sustainability and administration. Denis plays piano for his church’s worship team.

Luis Sena Carrasco has been with the Edify program from the beginning in various capacities with our partner. He joined as Edify’s Leadership Coach in November. Trained as an architect, Luis brings great creativity and insight to program design and management. For 24 years, Luis was Country Director for Food for the Hungry in the Dominican Republic. He has spent over two decades training teachers and development workers in a holistic and integrated Biblical Worldview. He works with a group of school proprietors to disciple them in what it really means to impart and live Christ-Centered education and act as a catalyst for transformation of schools and communities. Luis possesses enviable Ping-Pong skills and can translate from English to Spanish without skipping a beat.

This March, we welcomed Martha Bazurto as Training Program Administrator. She will be responsible for planning, managing and recording all training efforts in the Dominican Republic. Martha was born and educated in Ecuador, where she received a J.D. and practiced law for a short time. She managed several initiatives for USAID, serving in various capacities to ensure transparency and good development practice. She moved to the Dominican Republic over a year ago and is pursuing a master’s degree in Project Management. In addition to having Spanish as her native tongue, Martha also speaks an enviable amount of Hebrew, English, French and German. She has spent many recent years volunteering with children which has given her a special disposition toward them and makes her perfect for her new role with Edify.

We are thrilled to have Leandro, Denis, Luis and Martha join our team!