The creation of School Owners and Teachers Fellowships have bloomed across several Edify operating countries. From Latin America to Africa, these Fellowships are uniquely operating and contextualized in how they’re connecting people, resources, and knowledge based on the needs and challenges each specific fellowship is facing. In Sierra Leone, there are several Proprietors Fellowships and Teachers Fellowships serving over 300 partner schools. With around 50 proprietors and 100 teachers to a Fellowship, it’s weaving cords of unity across independent schools in the capital city of Freetown.


These Christian School Owners Fellowships focus on leadership skills and how to address specific challenges in their schools, while the Teachers Fellowships provide support in how to manage discipleship clubs for students. Initiated by Edify, these Fellowships in Sierra Leone are independently operating. Each chapter selects its own executive members, chairpersons, and content. These teachers and school owners volunteer their time to run the Fellowships and represent their chapters at larger meetings and events. They also develop their own activities and agendas and discuss how each other or their school can fill the needs another might face.


“I’m actively part of their WhatsApp groups. I see prayer requests or needs via messages. I sit in on their meetings and provide guidance and advice to them as they need,” shares Michael Kamara, Sierra Leone Christian Transformation and Training Officer.


In countries like Sierra Leone, where little is offered in support and resources to independent schools, these Christian School Owners Fellowships are not only a source of collaboration but a place of comfort. School owners and teachers are often unaware of just how many independent schools are around them. By promoting a place where these schools can come together, share, and step in, it encourages unity in a potentially lonely space.


“We have an amazing group of proprietors and teachers who are very zealous about Christ and education,” tells Michael.


When support is fostered, like in these Fellowships, students in Sierra Leone can get the quality education they need from school owners and teachers who are having their needs met too.

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