Frances Bajdik-Bova has joined the Edify team here in Rwanda!  She has been living in Rwanda for 3 years.  She first came to work as a teacher in a local village.  The school only had a 5% pass rate on the National English Exam in 6th grade.  With Frances’ help,  this increased to 85% in the year and a half she was working there.  She worked next on developing English training curriculum for students and teachers in Musanze, a town 2 hours north of Kigali.  She has an extensive background working with English Language Learners, and her passion for students, teachers, and Rwanda is truly infectous.
She will be living in Kigali, working with Edify to help develop educational training materials for our partner schools.  In these past two weeks, she has gotten to visit schools, and has helped prepare for our School Leadership training to be held next week.  Frances certainly hit the ground running, as she has already begun developing a bank of English learning materials to be used in conjunction with Teachermate.  Rwanda’s education system switched from a Francophone system to an Anglophone system almost overnight, and as a result the teachers and students here need a lot of English support.  I have no doubt the materials she is developing will be beneficial to Edify partner schools!


Frances showing a pair of students what the word "sleep" means

Frances showing a pair of students what the word “sleep” means