It’s easy to take education for granted. Growing up in the United States, I never had to worry that my teacher wouldn’t show up for class. I just assumed that they would arrive on time, that they would be prepared to teach, and that they would have plenty of training. I grew up in a country where the public school system is, above anything else, reliable. It was the only experience I had. And because of it, I just assumed that everyone else in the world had it the same way.

But as it turns out, not all kids enjoy that luxury. In places across the developing world, students often show up to class ready and eager to learn, only to sit in boredom for hours. Why? Because the teacher may never show up. Or, if the teacher does show, he or she may not have the proper training or resources to teach students well. This is a problem. When teachers aren’t prepared, students don’t receive the quality of education they want or need. This has frustrated many parents. In fact, some have decided to pull their kids out of school because of it. Fortunately, countries are making strides to improve their public schools as part of Millennium Development Goals and other international pushes, which is great news! But even so, there is still an underserved population of impoverished families and students who are looking for other options. This is where the low-fee independent school movement comes in and challenges the status quo.

Low-fee independent schools or simply private schools provide another option for families that can’t otherwise access quality education. Edify comes alongside these affordable private schools to provide key resources to expand or improve their schools. (read more about us here). Entrepreneurs in these impoverished areas start schools because of their passion to serve and see change in their community. The teachers and school owners truly care about their students and want to provide them with valuable schooling. In exchange for a small fee, these private schools provide instruction that is exciting, and more importantly, dependable. In these schools, the parents and school owners hold the teachers accountable, ensuring that they show up. Edify-sponsored trainings equip teachers with knowledge and resources that enrich the teaching experience, for both them and their students.

Edify works together with these schools to offer a priceless gift to students: the gift of a quality education. In these classes, when the kids show up, they can expect the teacher to show up too. And not only will the teachers be present, they’ll be ready to teach. Teacher dependability and consistency are key components of a quality education. And if education is truly the gift that keeps on giving, then what can possibly be better than that?

Want to learn more about why working poor families are choosing low-fee independent schools? Click here.

Kaelyn Peay

Operations Intern

About the Author

Kaelyn Peay is an operations intern at Edify’s Central Service Office in San Diego. Currently, she’s pursuing a B.A. in English at The Master’s University, where she also works as a writing tutor. She lives with her family in a nearby city, and commutes to work with her father, Michael Peay, Edify’s Vice President of Information Technology.

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