This past month, Edify sponsored 20 participants from 10 partner schools in Rwanda to attend the 2nd  annual ACSI roundtable conference.  ACSI  stands for the Association of Christian Schools International and  is a Christian educational organization that supports the  personal and professional  development of Christian educators.  Further, they  “provide vital support functions for Christian schools, encourage Christian values in Christian schools and focus on developing the child spiritually” (ASCI webpage,2013).  The Edify Rwanda team sits on the planning committee  for this annual event.

The idea of an integrated Christian education is fairly new in Rwanda, and the content of this conference extraordinarily relevant. The schools we work with are largely made up of committed  owners who want God to be honored and students to hear the Truth in their classrooms, but require support to fully realize this goal.

The theme for this year’s event was ” Filling our Schools with God’s truth”, inspired from  Habakkuk 2:14. The main topics at the conference included;  Biblical world view; Integrating Faith into Teaching and Learning process; The Essentials of True Christian Schooling and The State of Christian Schooling in Rwanda.

The  first day was meant for church and opinion leaders. After hearing presentations from 2 members of the ACSI headquarters in South Africa, they discussed and laid out strategies on how they can support Christian Education from their positions of influence. The next two days were designed specifically for educators and school owners. The speakers shared strategies to realize Christian transformation and  help participants understand biblical world view. The participants also came up with their own ideas of how Christian schooling can be made a reality in their schools through roundtable conversations. While the Edify team was busy helping to ensure the event ran smoothly, we were able to sit in on some the conversations and hear from teachers and proprietors themselves. The echoing sentiment was that Godly transformation in schools is needed and they are committed, they just require support in the implementation of change. While this conference is a step in the journey towards real long-lasting change, we are excited to watch  these educators and school owners grow and for schools here in Rwanda to be filled with His truth!.