Population below poverty line (2007 est)

62.4% Male & 32.8% Female

Literacy rate. Total population (2015 estimate)

The education system & economy

in Liberia has been majorly affected by the recent civil wars (1989-1996), government mismanagement, and the recent Ebola breakout in 2014.

The second poorest country in the world



Edify began operations in 2013.

We have impacted 52,779 students with a Christ-centered education.


School leaders trained: 420  |  Teachers trained: 486


277 loans disbursed to 175 schools  |  Total loan capital (USD): $1,121,987


Total Schools Impacted

*Cumulative impact of March 31, 2018


Cyrus Yormie, Liberia Program Director

Cyrus joins Edify as a trained business planner with expertise in finance and administration with seven years’ experience. He is also a financier with a strong background in entrepreneurship, procurement, and logistics. He has experience in project proposal writing, monitoring and evaluation, project management, human resources, fundraising, and resource mobilization.

During the civil war, Cyrus developed skills in conflict prevention and mediation and is able to adopt strategies that promote sound, workable and sustained economic programs tailored toward job creation and lasting peace for areas affected by conflict or disaster.

Nyanda Biaty Duworko, Christian Transformation Officer

Nyanda joined Edify in June 2014 and brings a wealth of experience in youth spiritual development and has worked with many students in basic schools all over Liberia.

Andrew Diggs, 
Technology Support Officer

Andrew Diggs joined Edify as a Technology Support Officer in June 2016. Previously, he worked as a training director at Quick Impact Computer Services and earlier for Eagle Graphic World and Emerald Investment.

Leo Mayson, Jr.Cornerstone
Leadership Academy
(CLA) Coordinator

Leo Mason, Jr. served with Edify as a consultant from September 2016 before he became Edify’s Cornerstone Leadership Academy Training Coordinator for Liberia in March 2017.