This week we were joined by a new Edify team-member, Rachel Christensen. Rachel moved from San Diego, where she worked with various non-profits and government entities on both sides of the US-Mexican border. During this bi-national work, she fed her love for multi-cultural and multi-national conversations and felt embraced by an active and compassionate community.
She will live in the Dominican Republic for the next two years assisting with various projects, one specifically is a pilot project using a classroom reading and english acquisition tool called TeacherMate. Using an iPod Touch Students will be read a story  and then read back to the device to practice pronunciation. They can also play games, listen to songs and answer comprehension questions as an adjunct to english classes from their teacher. For a taste of the program, check out this post by Brittany Roman with Edify Rwanda and this video of the students using the devices.

Providentially, even this first week, Rachel has been able to meet many of the school proprietors and observe a variety of partner schools in session. She says she is excited for the relationships she will build with staff and partners and all the refining, challenging and edifying conversations that will certainly ensue from her work here.

Aside from work, Rachel is excited to start looking for a church family, get to know her new housemates better and hit all the museums in the capital before the month is up. In her role with Edify, she will be doing a significant amount of travel, so exploration of the island is a certainty and she can’t wait to be proficient at catching a “gua gua” and haggling for cheap avocados.

Welcome Rachel!  We are so grateful to have you as part of the team and look forward to working with you.
Rachel's first week in the D.R. already working hard at Esperanza!

Rachel in her first week getting to know her new home away from home at the Esperanza office in Santo Domingo