Thirteen years ago the General Law of Education 66/97 was passed in the Dominican Republic which requires at least 4% of GDP be spent on education. Unfortunately, since the law passed the DR has never reached the promised 4%. Today the total percentage of Dominican GDP spent on education is 2.3%, ranking it the third lowest in the Western hemisphere next to Ecuador and Haiti. The worldwide average is about 4.9%, with Cuba in the lead by far at 18.7%. Thankfully this has not been overlooked by the Dominican people. At 4:00p.m on the fourth day of every month, passionate citizens gather, in various parts of the country all wearing yellow, to demonstrate their concern about the issue. Yellow bumper stickers and umbrellas with “4%” written boldly in black are proudly displayed by supporters of the campaign. I’ve been impressed by the determination of the people, boldly demanding what was promised to them. I hope that the DR does eventually reach the mandated 4%, but something can also be done to improve education today. And that’s where Edify comes into the picture.
Public education here in the DR is far from where it should be but many men and women have already taken action in their communities by starting low-cost private Christian schools in an attempt provide children with a better, more holistic education. Edify is working alongside school proprietors, united with our partner organizations on the ground, offering small business loans, training options for both teachers and proprietors, and a means of improving and enhancing curriculum. The school proprietors have been truly inspirational and I feel blessed to work alongside them in our united effort to educate the DR’s youth.

"4% for education. It isn't an expense, it's an investment."