There’s a small school in Northern Santo Domingo where growth is the norm, in several different aspects. It is called “Colegio El Lirio” or “The Lily School” and is run by Berkis, one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met. She lives with a heart for God and not only a passion for her teachers and students, but also the community around her.


For one, they have a well-established recycling program which is so supported throughout the community that even neighbors will bring bottles over to the school just to add them to the recycling. I get the impression that it is one of the only functional systems in the area. But not only do they recycle things properly, the staff has also gotten very creative with ways to reuse the plastic bottles. The school campus is decorated with small plants plotted in 2 liter bottles that have been cut in half to make a nice little soil bed. Their newest addition to this creativity is to have bigger, 5-gallon jugs cut the same way and plant more nature around the recreation area. The students love the fun colors and weird plants that sprout up everywhere.

In addition to the natural additions they have implemented, the school is also preparing to open up a brand new after school English program. Ana Latisia is an impressive 21 year old teacher who speaks English very well and has agreed to take on this task of running the program. Although she is still a student herself at a local university as well as a full time teacher at El Lirio during the day, she is very excited about this new opportunity to share her second language with her students. We spent a morning last month painting and decorating the classroom that they have reserved for the program, which opened last week.

As we anxiously await to see what God has in store for this wonderful group of people, please keep all of the staff and students at El Lirio in your prayers!