TeacherMate training el lirio“You’re never too old to stop learning.” Teachers may understand the truth behind this statement better than most. They feel the constant pressure to find new activities, new resources, and exciting ways to teach the same material to a new group of impatient youngsters. In order to do this successfully, they need to be eager to learn new things themselves in order to adapt their classrooms to a constantly changing world.
Edify –Dominican Republic has grown to realize how important it is to invest in the teacher’s development and knowledge of content. Through our English initiatives in schools, we come alongside English teachers and help them not only with their lesson planning and ideas for new classroom activities, but also with their own personal English fluency. We work with grammar, vocabulary and conversation skills, and allow them to choose their areas of focus. Every day the program moves a little with the input from teachers who graciously allow us to learn with them. Every day there are new ideas being tossed around by everyone involved, helping to shape and guide the direction of our programs and help us best influence improved learning gains in the classroom.

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We work with some incredibly eager and talented teachers. Their motivation to improve their English and to engage in dialogue with us has been phenomenal! It’s inspirational, actually, how willing they are to put themselves out there and practice their English when it would be so much easier to stick with their native Spanish. Edify’s commitment to pilot and learn from experience makes us much indebted to the insight and guidance of these wonderful teachers. At the same time, it is gratifying to see how their knowledge and skills are sharpened by our influence.

Teachers, by profession, understand the importance of pushing themselves to expand the mind and enhance the life that has been entrusted to them. Edify is also excited to continue learning alongside these wonderful teachers.