We are over eight months into our third fiscal year and twenty-four months post our first loan in June of 2010. Unlike many statistics and numbers that are not of interest or use to you, we feel that we have a few numbers that might be of great interest to you. For instance, over the past two and a half years we have made loans and provided training to over 500 schools in three countries. We have added one new country this year, Rwanda. We have trained 2,325 teachers and 355 school proprietors so far this year. We have put an emphasis on teacher training with a special focus on how to use Christ-centered curriculum so that students can be equipped to develop a Christian worldview. The amazing men and women who teach and own these schools are excellent role models to the children. Every time I’m in the field, I’m blown away at the wonderful educators who make such great sacrifice so that the children in these schools can get a low-cost, quality, Christ-centered education.
On the financial front, we have raised 6.25 million dollars over the past two and a half years. In our first two years of operation more than 80% of that was distributed in loans and program services to the field. This year to date we have raised 2.48 million dollars which is two thirds of the 3.66 million dollars that is needed to complete our 2012 fiscal year budget.

I have often heard people say, “God does not care about numbers. The governments, organizations and companies care about numbers. God cares about souls.” Though the comments sound very spiritual at first, I find them greatly ironic. I believe God does care deeply about numbers. In fact, there is a book in the Old Testament called “Numbers”. Jesus chose 12 disciples to follow him. He sent out 70 to minister to others. He fed 5,000 people. He helped the disciples to catch 153 large fish. (I don’t think this is an exaggerated fish story, it’s Jesus telling the story after all!) There are very meaningful numbers all throughout Scripture, so I think God definitely cares about numbers. Here is one last number for you, over the past two years Edify has impacted 105,436 children in the developing world with a Christ-centered education. I am quite sure that God cares deeply about this number. … And by the way, that’s 105,436 souls!