Cristen and I have had the incredible privilege of moving to the Dominican Republic to help with Edify’s in-country operations.  We arrived on October 3rd, and christened out first day with a large meal of rice and beans, which will be a principle staple in our diet for the next couple of years. Fortunately, I love rice and beans.  The sights, smells, crazy traffic, and cultural quirks remind us that most of the world lives very differently than we do in the U.S.  I think that our time here will be more rewarding to the two of us than any contribution that we could ever offer to this beautiful country and the wonderful people who live here.
In due time I will be able to impart wisdom about development, share impactful stories about school owners, or provide insight into the Dominican Republic. However, the thing that I have been so impressed by and can say with confidence after only several days in the Dominican Republic, is that Edify has incredible in-country partners.  We depend heavily upon these partners as it is through them that school owners and children will be directly impacted.

Aspire and Esperanza International, both holistic microfinance institutions, have organizational leadership that is solid administratively and, even more importantly, have leaders that have clearly devoted their lives to serving God and making an impact in the lives of the oppressed in the Dominican Republic.  Their leadership has trickled down to create an attitude of kindness, hopefulness and professionalism that is prevalent throughout each organization.  They have received us and treated us like family in the short time that we have been here. It has truly been quite a welcome and we can’t wait to serve alongside such great people.