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Joel Cuadra, Country Director

“Schools are always innovating so they can improve how their students receive an education.”

The Need

33% of Students Are Reaching Only Minimum Proficiency Levels for Math

Located in South America, home to the Amazon rainforest and famous archeological sites like Machu Picchu.

In an international math, reading, and science assessment, Peru ranked the lowest of nine countries in Latin America and among the lowest of all 65 countries.

Peruvian government schools rank as some of the lowest and least resourced schools in the world.

According to the latest numbers, the number of trained teachers in primary education is only 14%.

Figures courtesy of UNESCOWorld Bank

What We Do

We provide training, loan capital, and education technology in Peru with partners like these

Desarrollo Cristiano Del Peru (Christian Development of Peru)

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)





Meet Our Team

Edify began operations in Peru in 2014.

Bettina Gómez García

Chief Strategy Officer & VP of Latin American Programs

Joel Cuadra

Country Director

Alan Lopez

Christian Transformation and Training Officer

Jason Morveli

Education Technology Program Lead

Katherine Aguayo

Christian Transformation and Training Officer

María Farfán

Education Technology Integration Officer

Lily Céspedes

Christian Transformation and Training Officer

Krishta Santa Maria

Education Officer