Thank you for your time of prayer. Let’s pray for the following;
The Last term in the Academic year.

We want to commit the students,teachers and proprietors in God’s care as we begin the last term of the Academic year. We ask for Gods divine protection and guidance to bring our sponsored schools to a successful end in the academic year.

Visiting University of San Diego students and other consultants

We ask for a safe trip for students and consultants visiting from next week. We also pray that God will give them ideas as they embark on their research so they can make good recommendations to improve Edify operations.

New Computer Laboratory in Koforidua

As we install a new computer laboratory in Koforidua tomorrow, we pray that it will impact the life of children in Juliana Preparatory school as they learn with it. We pray that their ICT tutors will make most use of the lab to improve a quality Christian education as they interact with the diverse software about to be installed.