We thank God for those of you who are praying for us and with us. You are a blessing to us.
1. Presidential Elections this weekend

We want to commit the upcoming presidential elections this weekend into God’s hands. We ask for peace during and after the exercise. we ask that God chooses a president after His own heart.

2. Schools End of Term (Semester) Exams 

As most of Edify sponsored schools begin their end of term (semester) exams, we ask that the exams activity that  usually last for two weeks begins and ends successfully in all the schools. We ask that each student will be healthy and fit during the entire period to write the exams

3. Ghana

We ask for peace for the nation as the year comes to an end in a tense moment where there could be change of government. We ask for God’s divine protection for all Ghanaians in such a tensed moment. We believe God for peace as always and we ask for safety on the roads during such times when the year comes to an end.