Prayer requests from Rwanda
We have been a little bit quiet on the blog lately. We look forward to catching you up on our news and prayer requests in the coming weeks.

Thank you for praying for us and with us during the month of April! Here are some specific requests

  • Please pray for comfort, strength and peace as Rwanda reflects on the 20th year anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsi people. The month of April is a time of memorial and remembrance and is a difficult time for Rwanda people.
  • Please pray for students on school holidays. We hope they will have time to be with family, refresh and prepare to start a new term.
  • Join us in praying for the selection of 2 new Cornerstone interns to join our current team of 6. These students are sharing leadership principles based on the life of Jesus with students in 4 partner schools.
  • We ask the Lord to help up feel unity of our small team in Rwanda. We often work remotely and don’t connect in person all the time, pray that we are able to encourage one another and connect on a deep level despite distance.