We thank you for your sincere support in prayer. Pray with us in the following ways;
The end of the academic year.
We thank God for bringing us to the end of a successful academic year. God saw us through faithfully. As schools vacate this week and next week, we ask God to protect the children during the break.

We also ask for new ideas for proprietors for next academic year as they take stock of this year.

Vacation projects and activities
We want to commit the various projects and activities Edify has planned to implement during the next academic year. We ask for wisdom and discernment as we test TeacherMate, Vacation ICT fun fair, and Christian puppet shows.

Edify Team
We also want to ask God for creativity and directions as the Edify team meets next week. We will pull together the various inputs and outputs from the each country to distinguish between what is working and what can be improved as we move forward.

We thank God for the smooth transition of power following the death of Ghana’s late President. We ask God to continue to comfort the heart of ¬†Ghanaians. We also ask for a peaceful election come December, for a leader that is true, honest and an individual of great character.