Thank you, for your prayers as they are such a blessing to us.  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
IEE Coaches:  A few weeks ago we held School Leadership training on biblical worldview and implementing a Kingdom culture at schools in Rwanda.  This week, our 2 coaches from International Education Exchange are busy following up with each of the schools to help them implement what was learned in the training.  We pray that this time spent individually with the 10 schools from training will be fruitful.

Teachermate:  We have restarted Teachermate again for this school year.  As the students spend time reading and engaging with the iPods, we pray that the students learn important skills for their development.

Fence for Loan Client:  One of our loan clients has taken a loan to build a perimeter fence.  We pray that the construction is swift, and that the school is impacted in a positive way through these loan proceeds.