Thank you for your prayers as they are such a blessing to us.  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
IEE Coaches:  Our two coaches have been busy going to our schools daily to facilitate implementation of our last training content.  We ask for prayer for these relationships as the coaches work with the school leadership, and work to impact these schools in a big way.

School Leadership Training:  Next week we will hold our second School Leadership training for the year.  We will be focusing on positive discipline, active learning strategies, coaching teachers, and meeting the needs of diverse learners.  We ask for open hearts from the 30 participants that are attending, and for fruitful discussion and learning.

Genocide Memorial Week:  April 7th through April 14th is memorial week here in Rwanda.  This week marks the beginning of the 100 days of genocide that happened here in 1994.  It is a time of mourning, remembrance, and forgiveness.  We pray for the hearts and minds of all Rwandans during this difficult time.

School Holiday:  Students in Rwanda are on their 1st term school break.  We pray for their safety during this time and for teachers as they plan for another school term, which begins at the end of April.