Thank you for your prayers as they are such a blessing to us.  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
Cornerstone Mentorship:  Four graduates from Cornerstone Leadership Academy (CLA) have developed a partnership with us to mentor students in 2 Secondary schools.  They will be meeting with groups of students to share the curriculum of CLA.  We pray that their insight and knowledge of what Christ- centered leadership looks like will reach the hearts of each students involved.  

Quickbooks Training:  Next week we are hosting our first Quickbooks training here in Kigali!  We are excited about the partnership we have developed with this group of 10 schools, and we pray that the training goes smoothly and that those attending with capture valuable information.  The training will be followed up by Acacia Accounting, and we also ask for prayer for Diane, who will be dedicated to visiting each school and conducting mini-follow up sessions for the schools.

Pre-schools:  We held our first Pre-School training this past week here in Rwanda.  We had over 30 schools attend the training on basic first aid.  We pray that each school shares the information with their staff and parents, and that we can continue to develop a fruitful partnership with these schools.

School Visits:  The Rwanda team is busy conducting a round of school visits to prepare for the upcoming Quickbooks training, as well as follow up from the Preschool training.  We pray that our visits are encouraging, and that we can support the schools as best as possible.