The Rwanda team is thankful for your prayers! Here is an update on some of our latest  prayer requests:
Transition of the team:  Brittany and Jesse will be making the move back to the US mid-month. Please pray for safe travels,   that they are able to find community in Phoenix and for continued health for Brittany and baby Roman. Pray that Alpha and I are able to continue  to develop the progress made in Rwanda.

Computer info session:  Next week we are hosting our first  computer loan information session.  We are excited about the potential impact  the computers could have on the quality of education in our partner schools.  We ask for prayer that we will be able to communicate effectively and that many schools may attend.

EGRA Testing:  Next Friday the Rwandan team will be conducting the final round of EGRA testing. This test will help us determine the impact of the Teacher Mate literacy software pilot. Join us in praying for a smooth and efficient testing day.

Chris and Donor visit  : Pray for safe travels for Chris and our donors traveling to Rwanda next week.