Thank you for praying for us in Rwanda! Here are some specific requests for the next couple of weeks:
* Please pray for Godfrey Lugoloobi, the newest  Rwanda team member. We are thankful to have Godfrey joining us on the  ground and pray that we are able to support him in his transition as Christian Transformation Officer.

* The third and final school term in now in full swing. Please join us praying for students at schools all across Rwanda. We pray that they would feel loved in Him and  that their environments would be peaceful and conducive to learning.

* Pray for the IEE coaches who make a final push this month supporting participants from the School Applied Leadership with school based training and preparing to exit, leaving schools to implement changes independently next year.

* Please continue praying for wisdom as we strive to develop content that will make a measurable difference in schools in Rwanda. Pray for Edify as we think though measurement and that God will guide us to use appropriate methods and tools.