Prayer requests from Rwanda

  • Please pray for Fran. She will is in Canada for a couple of weeks visiting. Pray this will be a time to connect with loved ones and to recharge. Pray also over Alpha as she prepares to welcome a new baby into the world.
  • Pray for Godfrey, as he is the only one on the ground in Rwanda right now. Help uplift him and lean on the Lord.
  • Thank you Jesus for a great group of Cornerstone interns! We praise you for your provision of such incredible young people. We ask for continued maturity, confidence and wisdom as they share biblical truth and leadership with high school students.
  • Pray for a smooth transition back to school, back to routines and discipline- something that can be tough for students after a holiday break.
  • Lastly, please pray for the schools involved in the English communities of practice. We want these schools to lead this initiative and pray for motivation and commitment to making the small groups a success- on their own terms.