Thank you, as always, for your prayers.  You are such a blessing to us.  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
Blake and Raphaëlle:  Blake and Raphaëlle are out of town for the next two weeks.  We pray for their safety and well-being while they are traveling.

Teachermate Pilot:  We are launching a pilot of Teachermate devices in one of our schools.  The devices arrived safely in Rwanda this week!  Just today, we have completed EGRA testing with all students and are set to launch the pilot next week.  The school is very excited about the pilot, and we ask for your prayers as we begin working with teachers and students to implement current reading strategies to improve basic Reading and English skills.

Volunteer from Bridge 2 Rwanda:  A husband and wife team are coming to Rwanda for 6 weeks.  The husband will be volunteering for Bridge 2 Rwanda, and the wife will be working in two of our schools!  As a teacher, she will have amazing insight into the schools and their needs.  We pray for a safe trip and a great relationship with the schools as she begins working with the teachers and students.

School Visits:  Our team is in the middle of visiting many schools.  Just this week we have been blessed by the partnerships we have developed and the amazing stories we have heard.  We pray that our hearts and minds will be open to each schools’ needs as they share their successes and challenges since the trainings.

-Brittany and the Rwanda team