Thank you, for your prayers.  They are such a blessing!  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
Teachermate Pilot:  We have launched the Teachermate Pilot at one of our schools.  After two weeks, it is going really well, and we have been working with the school to make it work to meet their goals.  We have provided one training with the Teachers surrounding the “centers” and Teachermate, and we ask you to pray for the continual success of the pilot.  We pray that the students will be able to increase their early Reading skills through this technology.

Volunteer from Bridge 2 Rwanda:  Our Volunteer from Chicago has been in two of our schools.  She has been planning trainings and observing classes.  As she plans model lessons for the teachers, we pray that teachers will be able to collaborate with her and that everyone will learn a lot through this experience.

New Partnerships:  Our team has had a lot of meetings with other organizations surrounding options for partnerships in Rwanda.  We pray that God will lead these meetings and help these relationships form to help serve the schools we work with.

-Brittany and the Rwanda team