Thank you, for your prayers.  They are such a blessing!  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
Loss of a Dear Friend:  The Edify staff here in Rwanda has been grieving a loss that we can’t quite fully comprehend.  Our dear friend Anna’s adopted son, Emmanuel, died in a swimming accident on Sunday.  We have been attempting to stand beside her as she grieves this loss, as well as the loss of her father one year earlier.  We have all been moved by Emmanuel’s faith and his amazing testimony.  We ask for prayer and comfort for Anna, Emmanuel’s family, and Anna’s family in this time of loss.

Blake and Raphaelle:  Blake and Raphaelle are making their final preparations to depart from Rwanda.  Blake is attending Oxford University to receive an MBA in the fall, and therefore will be departing the Edify Rwanda team on August 2nd.  It has been an amazing experience to have the two of them on our team, and they will truly be missed here in Rwanda.  We ask for prayer for them in this time of transition and safe travels throughout their journey.

Volunteer from Bridge 2 Rwanda:  Our Volunteer is wrapping up her time at 2 Edify schools.  She is using the school holiday that starts next week to do some English training with the teachers, and we pray that these lessons go well and that everyone will learn a lot through this experience.

Students on break:  We ask for prayer and safety for all of the students in Rwanda who are on their Term break until September.

-Brittany and the Rwanda team