Thank you, for your prayers as they are such a blessing to us.  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
Team Rwanda:  Our team on the ground has had many changes in the past month.  With the departure of Blake and Raphaelle, we welcomed Alpha to the team.  Alpha is due to have a baby boy in the next few weeks.  We pray that this time is a time of blessing and encouragement as Alpha’s family expands.  We pray for God’s care and guidance at this time for her.

Term 3 Starting:  We ask for prayer and safety for all of the students in Rwanda as they begin their final term of the year.  All students will be preparing for their final exams, especially those is Primary 6 and Secondary school.

Bank Agreements:  We are working hard on new agreements with banks that would provide better terms for our schools.  We hope these will be finalized soon, and we pray for everyone working together on them.

Potential Partnerships:  As we plan for next school year, we are working to collaborate with like-minded organizations to offer our schools and teachers additional training and follow up.  We pray over these agreements, and that these partnerships are fruitful.