Thank you, for your prayers as they are such a blessing to us.  Please continue to pray for us in the following ways:
Baby Ramya Banaiah Murenzi:  Our newest team-member, Alpha, has had a healthy baby boy!  Ramya means praise in Kinyarwanda, and we offer praise to the Lord for brining baby Ramya into the world on September 14th.  As Alpha travels back to Rwanda, we ask for prayer for safe travels.

Teachermate:  Our pilot has started back up with the beginning of Term 3.  We ask for prayer over this relationship, as we learn from the experience as the children in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade work on their early English Reading skills.

Curriculum Development:  We are busy visiting schools and writing curriculum for next year’s training.  We ask for the Lord to guide our steps as we visit more low-cost Christian schools here in Kigali.  We also ask for prayer as we conduct planning sessions for the curriculum, that all of our work will glorify his name, and that it will enable our schools to be beacons of quality and faithfulness.

Potential Partnerships:  As we plan for next school year, we are working to collaborate with like-minded organizations to offer our schools and teachers additional training and follow up.  We pray over these agreements, and that these partnerships are fruitful.