We thank God for those of you who are praying for us and with us. You are a blessing.
Leadership Retreat- We praise God for a wonderful school leadership retreat last weekend with our training partner, APRENDI. There were 45 schools represented and 75 participants who were able to come together, being united in Christ and also by what they are dedicating their lives to: providing Christian education in the DR. We ask God’s blessing for all the school directors we work with and pray that together we would be able to continue taking steps forward in improving education here.

Esperanza Proprietor/Director Training- The series of five business administration trainings is wrapping up this month with Esperanza. Dozens of schools have been able to participate in the courses offered which included: budgeting, marketing, accounting, break even point, and overall school success. These trainings were offered in San Pedro, La Romana and Santiago. We pray that God will use the information presented to instill positive change in school administration and that, God willing, we can continue to offer these trainings in the years to come.

Christmas Safety- The holiday season in the DR is full of joy and celebration but also with a drastic increase in crime. Many Dominicans receive a double paycheck in December which is one reason why there are so many more robberies. We pray for safety for Edify staff on the ground, for our partners and for the whole country during this time of year.