We thank God for those of you who are praying for us and with us. You are a blessing.
Student enrollment and payment- When we ask the school directors and teachers what we can pray for them for they often respond “that God would continue to provide them with the enrollment they need to sustain operations and to pray that parents would be diligent in their payments”. We ask that you lift both of these issues up to the Lord and continue to pray for all the schools we work with, that God would continue to strengthen them as they persevere.

Rachel got here!- We give thanks to God for brining Rachel to us. She will be working with Edify for the next couple years here in the DR with the Teacher Mate pilot, Metrix surveys, and a plethora of other things. We ask God’s protection and peace upon her as she has left behind friends and family to find a new home away from home here. Again we give thanks for her and for all that she has to offer Edify and our partners.