What a blessing it is to be united in Christ through prayer. Thank you for your concern, and for your support. We continue to praise God and pray for the following:
The Northern Region- Both of our lending partners are beginning to lend to Christian schools in the Northern region of the country. We pray that both organizations would lend wisely and find success there. We also pray for the proprietors, teachers, and students who may be impacted as a result. We ask that God would guide and direct us as we expand, giving us wisdom and discernment.

Computer Training- Praise God, we had our first computer training workshop thanks to our training partner, Aprendi! We pray it will be the first of many; that God would give us wisdom in the process, point us towards the right people and resources, and that schools would be blessed by the use of technology both in the classroom and in school administration.

AMO- For all the students who are currently in AMO classes that God would be working daily in their lives and in their communities. For all the students who will take AMO classes in the future that God would be preparing them now for the lessons they will learn and that God will continue to use this curriculum to spread his love and word in the Dominican Republic.

Education System and government- The educational system in the Dominican Republic is in poor condition and has been for years, partially due to the minimal amount of government spending in this area. As we await the presidential elections in May, we pray that God would instill wisdom and integrity in the future leader, and give him/her a desire and the means needed to improve the education system. We also pray for peace and well-being for the Dominican people, especially for the youth who will grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow.