We thank God for those of you who are praying for us and with us. You are a blessing.
Our lending partners – That God would guide their steps and lead them to the right schools to lend to. We are thankful for their work, for their love for God, and for their partnership with Edify.

Business Training – We have two training partners in the Dominican Republic. APRENDI is one of our training partners that recently hosted a business administration training. We give thanks to God for the meaningful time that was had as 17 proprietors and school administers received the first half of a 2-session business administration training to help them run their schools more efficiently.  The session was met with great enthusiasm and we were so impressed with the trainer’s ability to keep Christ central in her teaching even when talking about finances and collecting late payments! Our other partner, Esperanza, is also in the midst of planning their next business training, so we ask that God would be present in both the planning and implementation of upcoming trainings

AMO – For all the students in AMO classes and for those who are just beginning for the first time, that God would continue to work through this curriculum, revealing his love to the teachers, students, and their families.